Principles of Programming Languages

This course presents the main aspects of the programming languages landscape, by analyzing similarities and differences, approaches and paradigms, both traditional and new.

Professor Matteo Pradella

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This repository contains the material related to the practical classes of the course.

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28/10/2016 Scheme 1

  • Code Style Guide
  • Basic Concepts: recursion, tail recursion, conditional structures, variable binding (define, let, let*), named let
  • Basic Lists: handy functions, immutability, quick-sort

04/11/2016 Scheme 2

  • Named let translations
  • Argument Passing and Keywords
  • Vectors: Quick Sort
  • Structs: Trees
  • Macro ( quick overview)

11/11/2016 Scheme 4

  • Macro: why, examples: for,
  • Continuations: first steps

15/11/2016 Scheme 4

  • Continuations: clarifiction, coroutines, choose
  • Higher order functions: exercise on foldl, foldr
  • Macro: repeat-until

02/12/2016 Haskell 1

  • basics: function, lists, pattern matching, currying, guards
  • Higher order functions (foldl), list comprehension
  • Types: Binary Tree TraffiLight

21/12/2016 Haskell 2

  • basics: aias, accessor, type sum and products
  • Towards Monads: Foldable, Functor, Applicative (Logger example)

13/01/2016 Haskell 3

  • Repetita Iuvant: Functor, Applicative
  • Logger as a Monad
  • Monadic Laws, do notation

20/01/2016 Haskell 4

  • Logger Monad (tree ex)
  • State Monad

24/01/2017 Erlang 1

  • Types: Lists, Tuples, atoms, primitives
  • List comprehension, pattern matching,
  • conditionals: guards, if
  • higher order functions 1

27/01/2017 Erlang 2

  • Higer order functions 2: foldL,foldR, filter
  • conditionals: case of
  • Actors and Concurrency: spawn, messages, links
  • Publish Subscribe Example

Proposed Homeworks

- [Scheme] Alternative tree representation
- [Scheme] Heap priority queue structure
- [Scheme] Dijkstra's Algorithm
- [Scheme] Think lambda as macros
- [Scheme] coroutines as macros?
- [Scheme] choose with arrays trying a random order fro selecting next paths
- [Haskell] Monadic Heap
- [Erlang] Filter, Map with folds
- [Erlang] Tree in Erlang
- [Erlang] Improve publish subscribe as indicated in the pubsub-3.erl file
- [Erlang] Distributed Dijkstra's Algorithm.

Research Digressions

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